October 2020

October 2020: Call to Action for Ottawa County Residents

Please contact the Ottawa County Commissioners with your own variation of this message and sign the Declaration of Rights below.

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Dear Commissioner,

I want to thank you for standing up and serving our community faithfully. I understand these are difficult and challenging times we are currently living in; which makes it even more important for you to take into account the values and rights of the people you serve.

I am contacting you because you are an elected official in Ottawa County that has sworn to uphold the Constitution. I want to tell you of an offense and harm you are unintentionally inflicting on myself and other parents and children in Ottawa County.

The Ottawa County Health Department is overreaching on their authority and using that authority to target, harass, and threaten many parents, businesses, and Christian schools for exercising their constitutional rights. While other health departments across our state have made allowances to preserve our rights, the Ottawa County Health Department has refused.

The behavior of the county does not reflect Ottawa’s longstanding traditional values. I am asking you to please exercise your duty and authority. Direct our health department to stop pushing the boundaries between our God-given rights and their pandemic response. This is my plea for mercy and protection against government overreach, threat of daily fines, school closures, legal action, and more.

You are the elected representative of our values and by being complacent, you become complicit in the Health Department’s poor decisions. Please stop using government force, fines, and threats against innocent citizens in Ottawa County who simply want to exercise their God-given rights to raise their families in the manner they deem best.


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Elected Officials in 2020

Oversaw Ottawa County COVID Response

2020 County Districts

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District 1

Francisco C. Garcia
[email protected]

District 2

Joe Baumann
(616) 399-8489
[email protected]

District 3

Doug R. Zylstra
(616) 443-4281
[email protected]

District 4

Allen Dannenberg
(616) 403-0379
[email protected]

District 5

Randall J. Meppelink
(616) 836-1277
[email protected]

District 6

Kyle J. Terpstra
(616) 840-0441
[email protected]

District 7

James Holtvluwer
(616) 457-6133
[email protected]

District 8

Greg J. DeJong
(616) 437-7954
[email protected]

District 9

Philip D. Kuyers
(616) 218-2534
[email protected]

District 10

Roger A. Bergman
(616) 283-2234
[email protected]

District 11

Matthew Fenske
(616) 437-6723
[email protected]



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